Developing your own color slide film in a Jobo Processor

To develop my film, I’m using the semi-automatical Jobo CPP2 processor.

Jobo CPP2 Processor

It does the job of

  • keeping chemicals submerged in a water bath at a desired temperature (in my case 38°C), using a temperature sensor an a built-in heater
  • rotating a drum/tank which contains the film to be developed using a built-in motor

What it does not, and what I therefore still have to do is:

  • pouring the chemistry into the tank at the appropriate time
  • starting up the rotation mechanism so that the chemistry in the drum will be equally distributed
  • leaving the drum in rotation for a defined duration
  • draining off the chemistry

Therefore what I’ve done is programmed a little timer app tailored to my use case:

  • It has a virtual countdown clock for each phase of the chemical process
  • After a phase is complete, a signal notifies the user to switch the chemistry
  • After pouring in the chemistry, the user can simply start the next phase countdown via pressing the SPACE key

The last step can even be done with the elbow when wearing gloves 🙂

ProcessTiming can easily be extended with custom processes using a simple CSV file format.

It’s available free (donations welcome) from the download page.

Good light,
Martin Jan Köhler