5U cabinets

Mobile DIY cabinets for 5U modular


I’ve built 4 cabinets, each with 2 rows of 14U (MOTM units).

Each cabinet has

  • 3 bus bars (+15V, -15V, 0V)
  • Each busbar has a linear pattern of through holes, in which M4 threads were cut
  • MOTM power cables are connected via ring cable lugs
  • Each cable lug is screwed-on using Noalox and Schnorr Security Discs on each side, and locking nuts on the back
  • Each Cabinet has a Power One / Bel Power Solutions HBB15-1.5-AG linear PSU connected to the bus bars, sense lines also connected there
  • Power Control Front Panels (bottom-right of each module)
    • Master Cabinet has a central on-off-switch and a per-cabinet switch
    • Slave Cabinets have per-cabinet switches
    • Each Power Control front panel has an LED for the +15V / -15V rails
    • The remaining space is filled with cascading multiples
  • Mains Power is connected on the back via Neutrik powerCon, daisy chained from cabinet to cabinet, whereas the main switch will cut off the daisy chain
  • Ground Bars are connected via 10mm^2 Cables which are going out on the back.