Impressions from the Finissage of my first Exhibition, September 2013, Fabasoft Kunstcafé, Linz

In my first exhibition in September 2013, I’ve presented 12 of my personal Portfolio favorites in the wonderful ambiance of the Fabasoft Kunstcafé in Linz.

Thanks to the press coverage, all of the dates were well visited and I had the chance to talk to many unexpected guests and give them a tour through the exhibition.

The Finissage at the end of the Exhibition was a very nice evening.
After welcoming all the guests and giving them time to walk through the exhibition, we enjoyed a delicious buffet.
Later, things having calmed down, I gave a talk about the locations and a little making-of, in order to provide a quick glimpse into large format landscape photography.
After the talk, people had the chance to play with my Arca Swiss F-metric 4×5″ camera, which I brought with me.

To all visitors, thanks for coming!
Many thanks to the Fabasoft Team who made this possible, especially Helmut Fallmann and Christian Molnhuber.
My thanks also go to Sigrid Reisinger, Georg Brunmayr and Gerhard Haas for the photographical coverage of the event.